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G.Disse and L.Munro Segments of Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa €1 buy download

G.Disse, L.Munro

Two teacher school ashtanga yoga in Paris, GĂ©rald Diss and Linda Munro ( about them below ) , filmed short segments practices help dealing Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of a teacher - for quality independent practice . Note that they do not synchronously asanas : Linda shows a simplified version of asanas , slow ins and outs of asanas more gradual pace of implementation for people who have only recently begun to practice and do not yet have sufficient strength or flexibility. Gerald shows a complete embodiment of the asanas. The film is accompanied by a detailed commentary Linda (very soft, calm voice ) on the arrangement of asanas , breathing on , ever heard the phrase " relax your face" ...
The film covers the following separate blocks :
1. Surya Namaskar A & B
The first sequence :
2 . standing asanas
3 . Vinyasa sequence with an emphasis on standing asanas
4 . Two kriyas ( cleansing techniques ) uddiyana bandha and Nauli .
Need to learn and perform each morning before taking drinks and food to improve digestive and excretory functions.
5 . Strengthening the abdominal area , upper back , shoulders and arms
6. Asanas to develop strength and flexibility back to lengthen the space between the vertebrae to promote and enhance the blood supply to the spine.
In the film's conclusion Linda tells about himself, Gerald , and their center of ashtanga yoga in Paris.

Gerald Diss - a certified teacher of ashtanga yoga , having studied for 8 years in Mysore with Guruji , yoga teaching experience - 15 years. General experience in yoga - more than twenty years, from 1991 for eight years, he went through every six months to Guruji, for in-depth understanding of Ashtanga yoga , and then left and went to Mysore to practice yoga at exotic locations in India (for example, Auroville ) , where he built a house, opened Shalu and taught there for five years ashtanga yoga. Gerald was trained in three sequences of ashtanga and became one of the first French person Guruji granted permission to teach Ashtanga yoga in Mysore style. Gerald also studied with Manju Jois , son of Guruji and Deshikachara grandson Krishnamacharya . In addition to the practice of Ashtanga yoga , J. Diss repeatedly passed Vipassana courses in India and continues to focus on the practice of pranayama and meditation techniques. Conducted and conducts seminars on Ashtanga Yoga worldwide. In total, he spent 17 years away from France ( or Canada , it's not quite clear now) , and in 2004 arrived in Paris, where he founded with his wife Linda school ashtanga yoga. Gerald continues to in-depth study of Sanskrit texts and Indian philosophy.

Linda Munro began practicing yoga in Toronto in 1996 after a car accident as an adjunct to therapy , but soon realized that yoga - a practice long life , it is not just the practice of asanas and meditation pranyamy , but practice and nepotrebitelstva nepredatelstva , disclosure dormant sincerity , loyalty , kindness , peace , generosity , sensitivity , courage , you need to work on throughout life, even after you have turned off the mat . According to her , yoga does not end with the end of practice , but only starts since then , how you live , how you treat people , friends and strangers - all evidence of your inner practices of yoga and yogic awareness level of development . Linda studied with Guruji in Mysore , then at TKB Deshikachara and his son K. Deshikachara . Linda took a full course of training instructors , led by David Swenson , Mark Darby and his first yoga teachers - Ron and Mary Reid Meenakshi students Pattabhi Jois . In 2000, she moved to Paris and opened in 2004 with Gerald school ashtanga . She studies yogic texts and philosophy , has completed a course of study program " Yoga Sutras " Patanjali (250 hours) , and now under the leadership of Geoga Fershtaynom undergoing study " Bhagavad Gita ."

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G.Disse and L.Munro Segments of Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa
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