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MAGIX Movies2go III €15 buy download

MAGIX Movies2go 3 transforms your mobile device into a portable
first-class cinema in no time.

With this easy-to-use software, your Video DVDs, TV recordings,
VHS and camcorder recordings, slideshows, and Internet movies can
be imported to your PC in a flash, optimized and then transferred
directly to your iPod, iPhone, PSP or other popular portable

Top functions:

Why do without top-notch entertainment just because you're on the
move? With Movies2go 3, you can experience your favorite movies,
photos, slideshows, and music in impressive quality, whenever and
wherever you are!

Your favorite sources: Video DVDs, TV cards, VHS, and DV cameras
Your favorite media: Videos, photos & slideshows, and music
Your favorite devices: Customize or use one of over 100 presets
Your favorite formats: From MPEG-4 and DivX. to Quicktime

NEW! Easy Mode screen
NEW! Web video recorder
NEW! For players with TV out
NEW! Import MP3/OGG directly
NEW! Even more devices

NEW! Even easier to use and enjoy!:

NEW! Easy Mode screen

Reduced to the most important features: The new "Easy Mode"
screen hides extra editing windows so that you can convert and
transfer your videos, photos, and music even faster. It's ideal
for anyone who doesn't want to bother editing their videos, but
only to copy them to their player. Of course, you can always
switch to normal mode . one click is all it takes.

NEW! Web video recorder

Would you like to be able to capture videos that you see on the
Internet? The new web video recorder from MAGIX enables you to do
this easily. The smart screen capturing technology lets you
record Internet videos during playback and transfer them to your
mobile device. This way, you can record your favorite videos from
the Internet and bring them along with you wherever you go. NEW!
Now even easier...

NEW! More attractive presentation, faster transfer:

NEW! For players with a TV out

If you would like to present your videos to your family, friends,
or acquaintances on TV? Then MAGIX Movies2go 3 can offer you a
special feature you won.t want to do without. Videos from mobile
players typically look blurry when played on larger screens, but
now you can export them to your mobile device in TV-optimized
resolution. It's a great way to turn small mobile videos into big
cinema-quality fun on any TV screen!

NEW! Import MP3/OGG directly without conversion!

To help you save time, audio files in MP3 or OGG format can now
be imported directly into the program without conversion. Simply
import the desired file with a click, select the target device,
and start the transfer by clicking "Go". It doesn't get any
quicker than that!

More devices, more possibilities:

NEW! Even more devices

Do you own a popular new device, like an iPhone., an iPod, or a
Nintendo Wii? With MAGIX Movie2go 3, you're on the safe side.
Nearly every trendy new device is supported, even several
selected navigation devices, and more are being added to the
list all the time. You can even put your own device presets on
the Internet or easily download presets created by other users
for new devices.

MAGIX TV & Media Center

With the new MAGIX TV & Media Center, you can turn your living
room into a real multimedia center. The user interface optimized
for TV viewing ensures total comfort. Sit back, grab your PC
remote control, and easily control every function from the
comfort of your sofa. The integrated recorder makes it possible
to record TV programs immediately, or schedule them to be
recorded using a timer so that they can be transferred to your
portable device later. Complicated VCR programming is now
officially a thing of the past!

Import videos and export them as Flash:

Movies as Flash videos for websites

A video says more than a thousand pictures! With the integrated
Online Media Manager in your MAGIX Online Album, you can
effortlessly integrate your own videos into any HTML web page for
an even richer experience!.

Your favorite sources

MAGIX Movies2go 3 supports not only modern sources like video
DVDs, Internet videos, and home DV camcorder recordings, but also
VHS recordings and most other popular video sources. If you are
not satisfied with the quality of the recordings, simply use our
easy-to-master professional tools to get crystal-clear pictures.
Breathe new life into your old recordings. Your most beautiful
video memories will always be with you from now on!

The unbeatable all-in-one solution:

Your favorite media formats

You have the choice of media: Videos, individual photos,
slideshows, and music can all be transferred to your target
device. If you like, you can edit and optimize your recordings in
full 16:9 widescreen format. If you don't want to edit your media
further, simply use our 1-click function.

Once you have selected your device, transfering your files in the
required format takes place completely automatically. Would you
like to experience full-length feature films in cinema quality on
the go? Copy and easily transfer your favorite movies directly
from your DVD player . that's your own silver screen to go!

For your favorite devices

MAGIX Movies2go 3 supports all popular video-enabled portable
devices: Mobile phones, SmartPhones, game consoles, navigation
devices, and many others. No one can offer more . every device is
individually adjustable, and over 100 models already have optimal
presets. The transfer of your media, even whole lists of videos,
photos, and music takes place by means of a data cable, infrared,
Bluetooth or . with the corresponding reading device . a memory
card (SD, MMS, etc.). Limited memory on your device? The useful
Fit-to-Stick technology automatically lets you adjust the size of
your videos so that you can enjoy them at the maximum quality
that your storage space allows.

Format support and online integration:

Supports all popular formats

Would you like to export or transfer your videos in a different
format? No problem. MAGIX Movies2go 3 exports in all the most
popular current formats for portable video players. Additionally,
a large selection of data formats for photos, audio, and music
CDs are also supported.

User live chat + MAGIX.info

Integrated live user chat offers you the possibility to exchange
with other users immediately and without time delay. Just launch
the communicator, enter your question, and wait for the answer

If that doesn't help, then take a look at the new MAGIX.info
online knowledge portal: Lots of topics, even more info, even
more knowledge!

Show your own media, download new media:

MAGIX Online Album

Present your media! The MAGIX Online Album gives you ample
storage space for your media and also features an integrated
playback feature for videos, slideshows and music. Simply select
a design from our selection of templates and upload your media -
That's it! All media files are also presented directly in the
Media Pool of your program and can be used for a project anytime.

Catooh . the Online Content Library

Still searching for that little addition to make your project
just perfect? Open Catooh directly from within MAGIX Movies2go 3
and quickly find what you're looking for. Search and download
instantly from our extensive & exclusive content archive for
templates, animations, illustrations, high-quality effects and
much more.

For More Info On MAGIX Movies2go III Visit:

Download File Size:78.57 MB

MAGIX Movies2go III
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