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Pixologic ZBrush 2.0 €35 buy download

ZBrush 2 is a huge leap forward in speed, performance and technology. Modeling, texturing and painting features have all benefitted from unprecedented code enhancements. New tools and options provide even more versatility in all areas, boosting the artist's productivity and streamlining workflow in surprising ways.

Z2 is fast. It boasts handsomely optimized code innovations, combined with unique features, providing more power to create models with unparalleled detailing capabilities. Even medium- to high-resolution models respond instantly to sculpting actions, constantly rendered and shaded in real time.

Building on the freedom to sculpt high-frequency details with ease, Z2 offers revolutionary new modeling, surfacing and texturing techniques, while intuitive controls focus these powerful resources on the creation process.

This major upgrade offers a wealth of new features, along with sweeping enhancements to virtually every aspect of the software. It has been developed in close association with leading special effects houses and game developers, thus promising a production-caliber program with human-friendly controls that is truly unique in the world of computer graphics. Additionally, we have paid careful attention to ongoing feedback from ZBrush users and the ZBrushCentral community. ZBrush 2 is a huge leap forward, and takes 3D to a whole new level.


The ZBrush interface has been retooled so it's more intuitive and faster than ever before. Everything you need is within easy reach, and optimized to give more room to the canvas. Palettes and controls are familiar -- existing ZBrushers will instantly recognize them and adapt quickly to the new style.


Representing the way in which light interacts with the surface of an object, materials are critical to high quality renders. ZBrush 2 introduces many exciting enhancements to the materials system, including new shaders, new modifiers, and new ways to edit materials on a broad scale. ZBrush 2's material system makes it easier than ever to duplicate any real-world material or even invent some that are out of this world

Polyframe Enhancements

ZBrush's distinctive polyframe display mode makes it possible to view a model's wireframe superimposed onto the shaded surface of the figure itself. This makes it easy to keep track of the integrity of your mesh while simultaneously seeing how that stucture translates into a 3D object. ZBrush 2 has taken polyframe technology to the next level with several powerful advancements.

New ZSphere Functionality

ZBrush's revolutionary ZSpheres modeler has been tested for its incredible ease of use in creating base meshes. Simply block out the shape of your figure using a skeleton-type system of interconnected spheres, then allow ZBrush to build a well-ordered mesh surrounding your structure. ZBrush 2 makes this already powerful tool even more versatile with several exciting features.

Multi-Resolution Mesh Editing

ZBrush 2 offers an entirely new way to sculpt models of all kinds, aimed at giving you total creative freedom. When a mesh is subdivided, a new resolution level is made available. All previous levels are also still present and can be returned to at any time. ZBrush 2 enables you to always work with the number of polygons that are best suited to the type of edits you'd like to make!

Displacement & Normal Maps

There is a lot of interest in generating displacement and normal maps, and ZBrush 2 now offers both. These rendering techniques allow a low-polygon model to be animated, but rendered as if it had millions of polygons. ZBrush 2 enables you to sculpt incredibly high resolution meshes in real-time, then compare that mesh to a lower resolution model in order to create a difference map for your rendering engine. The result is greater realism thanks to medium and high frequency details.

New Sculpting Brushes

ZBrush 2 offers nine new sculpting brushes, bringing unprecedented ease to the way in which you work with your meshes. Whether working with two dozen polygons or two million, these new brushes will make it possible for you to work faster and with even greater control.

Visibility Controls

ZBrush 2 offers easy ways to hide portions of a mesh. This enables you to sculpt millions of polygons in real time. View only the parts of the mesh that you need for the work you're doing. In addition, mesh visibility offers an alternative to masking when you wish to control deformations and other effects.

Advanced Geometry Tools

ZBrush 2 provides many new features to offer total control over your mesh geometry. New division routines make it easy to keep a high quality mesh. Other features such as Creases, Edge Loops, and Mesh Grouping controls allow basic shapes to be evolved into high quality, animatable meshes.

Download File Size:20.96 MB

Pixologic ZBrush 2.0
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