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Database design has never been more professional

Whether you are creating a new database
application or need to manage an existing
database, you would benefit from ModelRight 3. It
will help you to visualize and manage the
complexity of your database and create a solid
database design.

If you have an existing database, ModelRight 3
can Reverse Engineer it to give you a graphical
view of it. You can then use our Database Compare
feature to display changes that you've made in
your model and to push those changes to the
database via ALTER scripts.

If you want to create a new database, you can
create it graphically with ModelRight - and then
automatically generate the necessary SQL DDL.

Innovative Modeling Environment

Various User Interface windows work together to
provide an intuitive and natural design
environment. With a mode-less and hyperlinked
user interface, editing and navigating the data
model is intuitive and easy.

You wouldn't want to have to endlessly pop up
dialogs to edit a document, so why would you want
to edit your data model that way? With
ModelRight, you don't have to. Simply select the
object you want to edit and change its properties
in the Property Browser. Its a common
User-Interface design that provides better
overall ease of use, but only ModelRight makes it
available in a data modeling tool.

And with unlimited Undo, you don't need to worry
about making a mistake - you can always undo it.
Use the Transaction History window to view the
full impact of any changes you make.
The Diagram drawing capabilities are advanced and
full featured - allowing you to make your models
look great!


Download File Size:25.83 MB

ModelRight Professional
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