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Pluralsight Linux Systems Programming €15 buy download

Chris Brown

This course delivers a comprehensive introduction to the Linux system call interface and also to key components of the standard C library. The course primarily presents the API via its traditional "C" language bindings; however, many examples are additionally presented using Python. The course provides you with the core competence needed to become a proficient developer in a Linux environment.

Setting the Scene
Kernel Space and User Space
System Calls and Error Handling
Systems Programming Example in C and Python
Accessing Files
Low-level IO
Demo: File Copy 1
Random Access
Buffered and Formatted IO
Demo: File Copy 2
Pythonic File IO
Scatter/Gather IO and mmap
Managing Files and Directories
File System Structure
The stat System Call and stat Structure
Demo: Examining File Attributes
Examining File Types and Permissions
Managing Links and Symbolic Links
Directory Traversal
Doing It in Python
The inotify API
inotify Code Walk-through and Demo
The Command Line, the Environment, and Time
Accessing Command Line Arguments
Processing Command Options
The Environment
Time Zones and Locales
Process Time
Processes and Pipes
Process Concepts
Creating Processes with Fork()
Executing a Program: The Exec() Family
The Life Cycle of a Process
Anonymous Pipes
Demonstration: Pipes and Shell
Named Pipes
Controlling Access, Identity, and Permissions
Querying and Listing User Accounts
Real vs. Effective Process Identity
File Permissions
File Ownership
Mastering Signals
Signal Types, Origins, and Uses
Process Termination and Exit Status
Establishing a Signal Handler with Signal()
Better Signal Handling with Sigaction()
Suggestions 1 ;amp 2: Ignore or Terminate Gracefully
Suggestion 3: Reconfigure on the Fly
Suggestions 4 ;amp 5: Report Status Dynamically
Suggestion 6: Implement a Timeout
Suggestion 7: Schedule Periodic Actions

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Pluralsight Linux Systems Programming
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