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Charles Howard Hinton Collection 1880-1907 PDF ePub eBooks €1 buy download

Year: 1880-1907
Author: Charles Howard Hinton
Genre: Science fiction
Publisher: Celepais press
English language
Format: PDF, EPUB
Interactive table of contents: No

Charles Howard Hinton is a British mathematician, author of sci-fi works called Scientific Romances. Charles Hinton was born in London in 1853, and was the only son of the famous London surgeon-otolaryngologist James Hinton, a friend of George Elliott and author of many books that used to be widely known at the time. James Hinton was known as the author of the book "Mystery of Pain" (Mystery of pain). (Martin Gardner, Flatland)
Charles Hinton's theories concerned higher dimensions. The greatest fame Hinton received as the author of books and articles on the fourth dimension. He developed a method for constructing models of four-dimensional shapes (from their three-dimensional sections) from hundreds of small cubes, marked and marked in a certain way. The method is described in detail in Hinton's two most important books, The Fours Dimension and The New Era of Thought, Hinton claimed that as a result of years of working with cubes, he learned to think Four-dimensional images. He explained his method to his wife's sister, eighteen-year-old Alicia Boule. Despite the lack of mathematical education, the girl quickly mastered four-dimensional geometry and subsequently even made many important discoveries in this area. (On Alicia Boule and her achievements in four-dimensional geometry, she tells on the pages of her book "The Right Political Tips" by G. S. M. Coxeter). Hinton is known for inventing the word "tesseract", as well as his work on methods for visualizing the geometry of higher dimensions.

A New Era of Thought - 276с
An Episode of Flatland (FB-2) - 125с
Scientific romances vol. 1 - 234с
Scientific romances vol. 2 - 222с
The Fourth Dimension - 282с

Download File Size:4.04 MB

Charles Howard Hinton Collection 1880-1907 PDF ePub eBooks
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