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Bruel and Kjaer Test for I-deas 6.6 (1 dvd) €20 buy download


Brüel & Kjær, a world-leading manufacturer of sound and vibration equipment and software, has released Test for I-deas 6.6, is a feature rich tool for noise and vibration testing.

New Features for Test for I-deas 6.6:

- Support for Windows 10
Test for I-deas 6.6 has been validated to run with Windows 10. This validation only covers the Test application in I-deas. You should use the CBB (Current Branch for Business) or LTSB (Long Term Service Branch) update modes to avoid updates that could break Test for I-deas operations.
- Simplified Test for I-deas Install
The Test for I-deas install has been simplified to install prerequisites and Test for I-deas from a single installation media. This install will perform an Update if Test for I-deas has already been installed from Siemens installation media.
- DC Offset Removal
DC offsets for the current sample rate can be measured and removed for subsequent measurements.
- The icon “Measure DC Offsets” will measure the DC offset at the current sample rate for all active channels and available input ranges.
- The offset removal is then applied to the data if the ‘DC Offset Removal’ toggle has been enabled in the Overall Setup > Sampling form.
- Offsets can be measured and removed while post processing data and when processing data from throughput playback files.
- Removal of DC offset for DC Coupled channels is optional. This option is enabled in the frontend’s User Configuration File, i.e. dap***.ucf (Condition 78).
- Max Level Detection
You can now have the software automatically reject any trigger signals that are too high relative to the current input range. Use the new Max Level Detection % option in the Trigger form to set the maximum acceptable signal level as a percentage of the current input range. When you select this option and set the Frame Acceptance option in the Averaging form to Automatic, the software rejects trigger channel inputs that are too high.
- AFPoly Installer
The AFPoly installer was recently added to the Update install. Improvements have been made to give more feedback during the AFPoly and MATLAB installs and to allow recovering from any installation errors.

Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes for Test for I-deas in 6.6

Additional Enhancements
- TEDS v0.9 support has been added for the VXI frontend driver when using VT1435 or VT1436 modules. If you do not have the TEDS option, no hardware changes are necessary but you will need to purchase this option from VTI Instruments and do a firmware update.
- The frame size limit for post processing was increased from 64k to 256k.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed the Shape Browser to correctly display mode shapes that are based on displacement coordinate systems.
- The Time Capture file conversion is now done after turning off source output. This conversion can take a while and source output should not occur while waiting for the conversion to be completed.
- Fixes were made for Channel Table Spreadsheet errors and a crash that occurred when there were no source channels available.
- Octave Spectra will now be written as Spectrum Functions to allow other applications to read the octave data correctly.
- For PULSE 21, the LAN-XI driver was modified to set the default high pass filter to 0.1Hz instead of 7Hz for the “Use Coupling” option when selecting AC coupling or AC with ICP coupling.
- For PULSE 21, the LAN-XI driver was fixed for First Frame trigger mode using manual triggering. The data was starting at a point in time earlier than the manual trigger.
- For Normal Mode Tuning v2.1, corrected the LAN-XI problem for PULSE 20 where querying the max source level caused an error.
- Corrected the handling of the VXI sampling bits in the UCF for the VXI Wizard. This was updated to use “16” and “24” as the option values instead of using “1” and “2”.
- Improved the accuracy of the octave reduction math for the Mean, RMS and Sum reduction methods. Contributions from spectral lines near octave bin boundaries are now weighted correctly.
- Corrected the Interactive Real Time Display labels for missing or invalid symbols when using the Japanese operating system.
- Fixed a timeout error in Channel Spreadsheet when using frame lengths greater than 1 second.

About Brüel & Kjær Test for I-deas . Test for I-deas is a software suite of powerful tools for measuring, managing, processing and analyzing noise and vibration data in large scale dynamic test environments for products such as ground vehicles, aerospace structures, industrial machinery and consumer products.

What is Test for I-deas

- whatistestforideasConvenient and powerful noise and vibration and DSA (Dynamic/Digital Signal Analysis) software solution
- Intuitive, easy to use, wizards / toolbars / icons based GUI
- Customizable layout, toolbars, pull-down menus and user-defined commands
- Offers a broad scope of noise and vibration application functionality
- Supports powerful tools for Acoustics and Modal test
- Provides 3D graphs and animation capabilities in test and analysis reports
- User programmable Tasks
Test for I-deas capabilities
- Data Acquisition – Support for multiple hardware frontends, including VXI, VTI EMX, Brüel & Kjær LAN-XI and more
- Signal Generation – to drive shakers or other sources. Includes Random, Burst Random, Sine and user defined waveform.
- Transducer Calibration – multiple methods including drop, mass, and reference.
- Time history editing – across single or multiple channels.
- Signal Processing – Windowing, FFT, single and multi-function operations. Function graphing. Cut paste live function displays to MS Office.
- Modal Testing – Calculation of Mode Indicator functions, multiple curve fitters, including polyreference. Cut paste live mode shape displays to MS Office.
- Transient Post Processing – For analysis of signals that change over time.
- Order Tracking – for rotating machinery, display spectra based on order. Interactive Slice tool for rapid analysis.
- Noise Path Analysis – Determine structure-borne transmission paths, rank individual paths, and evaluate noise sources.
- Built in Programming Language – for automating repetitive tasks.

About Brüel & Kjær. Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration measurement a /S is a world leader in sound and vibration measurement and analysis, supplying a comprehensive range of advanced solutions. Since the 1950s, Brüel & Kjær products have proudly set the standard to which others are compare. We help our customers solve their sound and vibration problems – from measuring traffic noise and vibration in car engines to evaluating building acoustics and performing quality control. We have customers in a wide range of fields, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and telecommunication, as well as government agencies.

Product: Brüel & Kjær Test for I-deas
Version: 6.6
Supported Architectures: x86
Language: english, japanese
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer, Java RE 7/8
Software Prerequisites: Siemens I-DEAS 6.6 or installation as a stand-alone program


Download File Size:2.76 GB

Bruel and Kjaer Test for I-deas 6.6 (1 dvd)
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