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Robo-FTP Features
As you can see below, Robo-FTP's feature list seems
to go on forever. You're not likely to find a more
powerful tool for secure, script-driven file
transfers than Robo-FTP. We've organized the
features list into general product features, to
features related to the script language, and to
general FTP client features. Take your time with
the list -- and ask yourself "...is there anything
these Robo guys didn't think of...?"

General Features
Multi-threaded 32-bit Windows application
Use with Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Server
Powerful script language for completely unattended
Run Robo-FTP under the Windows LocalSystem account
(i.e., no user need be logged in)
Integrated secure file transfers utilizing 128-bit
SSH and SSL authentication and encryption
Integration of 128-bit PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
into the Robo-FTP script environment. Script
commands manage keys, and encrypt/decrypt files
Integrated programmatic control utilizing COM/OLE
Specialized Robo-EDIT text editor provided for
easiest creation and maintenance of script files
Log file management: maximum file size, automatic
file naming
Log messages directly to the NT application event
Supports Dial-Up Networking
Handy CronMaker utility to create and manage
scheduled events
"Hot send" feature for automatic file transmission
"Hot receive" feature for automatic file retrieval
from an FTP site
Script File Wizard for automatic creation of basic
script files
FTP client applet for interactive FTP file
Complete session log with date and time stamps
Built-in diagnostic message logging and trace
Installation for the current user or all users
Helpful "first-time user" script programming
Install Robo-FTP as an NT Service
Script Language Features
Execute scripts from command line, batch files,
parent process, or Robo-FTP menu
Execute external processes and evaluate results
Conditional and unconditional branching and looping
Command line parameter substitution
User-written functions
Call scripts from within scripts
Launch any external program or command from within
a script
Powerful scheduling commands to run scripts at any
time, day or night, weekly, etc
Time-activated commands
Send and receive e-mail under script control
Uniquely name files using time and date variables
Extensive result codes and error testing
String and numeric variables
String and sub-string manipulation
Basic arithmetic commands (add, subtract, multiply,
and divide)
Commands to manipulate date values stored as
Commands to create/update and extract from zip
Command to automatically synchronize local PC
folder(s) with a FTP site
Commands for interactive prompting and messaging
Scan local and server directories for all or a
particular file or subdirectory
Automatically traverse local and server directories
when sending or receiving files
Compare local and server file sizes and date/time
Automatically rename space-embedded and
case-sensitive file names for Unix server
Automatically archive files after sending
Automatically delete files after sending or
Identify the newest or oldest file in an FTP site
Identify the newest or oldest file in a local
Descriptive "site names" so FTP sites can be
referred to using friendly user-assigned names
(e.g., The Robo-FTP Site) in script files and the
FTP client applet rather than using their URL or IP
No activity time-out to recover from file transfer
Options to MESSAGEBOX, ASK, and PROMPT commands to
display a larger font resulting in more readable
messages from a script file to a user
Script Writing Service -- We'll do the work for you
FTP File Transfer Features
Support for multiple servers
Support for connection through proxy servers
Support for both active and passive mode transfers
Resume broken (or incomplete) transfers
Save files locally with the same date/time stamp as
file had on the server
Maintain a connection to the server even if idle
for long periods of time
ASCII, binary, EBCDIC file transfer modes with
"over-write" control
For compatibility with Unix servers, support
renaming space-embedded file names when sending
(spaces are converted to underscores), and case
conversion (to all upper or all lower case
Fully definable ASCII-EBCDIC translation tables
Support for direct access to JES queues on IBM
mainframe servers
Send most "raw" FTP commands and interpret the FTP
site's response

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