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Parasoft C Plus Plus Test €15 buy download

An automated C/C++unit testing and coding standard
analysis product. It automatically generates and
executes unit tests for instant verification, and
allows users to customize and extend these tests as
needed. In addition, it checks whether code follows
over 500 coding standard rules.

Parasoft C++Test is an automated C/C++ unit testing
and coding standard analysis product that improves
C/C++ code reliability, functionality, security,
performance, and maintainability. To prevent commo
C/C++ errors, C++Test checks whether code complies
with 500+ C/C++ development rules. Rules can be
customized without coding, and user-defined rules can
be created graphically or automatically. To expose
reliability, security, and functionality problems
within each unit, C++Test examines each class, then
generates and executes unit test cases designed to
achieve high coverage and expose critical errors.
Additionally, it provides fast and easy ways to add
user-defined cases, including a graphical test case
editor with data source and range value support, a
graphical object editor, and verification of
automatically-generated test cases. To ensure
continued functionality, C++Test's automated
regression testing identifies problems introduced by
code modifications.

C++Test improves C/C++ code quality throughout the
software lifecycle and improves productivity across
the entire team. Developers can use it to test code as
they write it, and QA team members can use it in
concert with Parasoft Insure++ to identify critical
problems before an imminent release/deployment
deadline. Moreover, C++Test works as part of a
comprehensive team-wide Automated Error Prevention
solution that reduces delivery delays and improves the
quality and security of complex, multi-language
enterprise applications.

Download File Size:60.65 MB

Parasoft C Plus Plus Test
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