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SoundToys Native Effects 4.1.1 AU VST RTAS for Mac Intel €30 buy download

Crystallizer 4.1.1
Reverse Echo Effects
Inspired by the Crystal Echoes preset in the Eventide H3000,
Crystallizer combines granular reverse echo slicing and retro
pitch processing to create a huge range of radical sonic
manipulations and classics with a twist. Use it to create synth-
like textures from simple acoustic guitar rhythms, lush detuned
echos, or completely psychedelic pitch-shifted reverse echo
effects. Great for drums, guitar, bass, sound design, electronic
music, and just about anything else - Crystallizer is a truly
unique and creative effects processor.

Decapitator 4.1.1
Analog Saturation Modeler
Analog saturation has long been the magic mojo that engineers
have used as their swiss army knife of mixing. Itès used on drums,
bass, vocals guitars, everything. It can be used to beef things up,
thin things out, give them some edge, fry them up nice, add a bit
of warmth, pull things out of the mix, or even create a signature
sound. Used subtle to extreme, analog saturation is the golden
child of great mixes. Thatès why we took our time, bought and
listened to all the great analog classics, and painstakingly
created that magic for you in Decapitator.

EchoBoy 4.1.1
The Ultimate Echo Plug-In
When we designed EchoBoy, we were looking for an echo that was
warmer than existing delay plug-ins, yet not as dark as guitar
pedal echos. Well it seems like we got this one just right. Since
its release, EchoBoy has quickly become one of those 'must-have'
plug-ins for Pro Tools, and has become a permanent fixture on the
aux faders of hundreds of top mixers and engineers.

FilterFreak 4.1.1
Resonant Analog Filter
We're big on analog. We think that sound is important. So we
designed FilterFreak to be fat. To be warm. To be, well, analog.
All the reviews and feedback say we got it. We also designed it
to do all the things you do with filters. From funky envelope
followers like Mutron, to classic synth style reshaping with ADSR,
to big resonant LFO sweeps like the Sherman Filterbank, as well as
the classic sound of the old Morley WahWah pedals. Even two flavors
of the great old Sci-Fi sample and hold sound. But a plug-in needs
to be more. So, we added a unique Rhythm Mode that lets you create
cool custom patterns that lock to MIDI. A ll the fat and the
flexibility of a whole closet full of filters and beyond.

PanMan 4.1.1
Rhythmic Auto-Panner
PanMan takes the supposedly simple process of moving audio back
and forth in the stereo field and gives it that special touch that
youève come to expect from our twisted minds. It features an over
the top range of panning modes to recreate classic analog auto-
panners plus some of the cool modes from our other plugs to push
it a bit further into the future. With MIDI sync to tempo, preset
storage, dynamic control, and automation you get modern innovation
alongside the classic features from hard to find vintage analog
hardware. Control width, speed, direction and more with the most
full featured panner you've ever seen.

PhaseMistress 4.1.1
Analog Phaser
Classic phase-shifting is a widely diverse sound. From the Bi-
Phase, Boss Super Phaser, Phase 90, to the Moogerfooger 12 stage,
Small Stone, Trine and many more. All of which were stacked in our
test room, stock room and lining the halls. We needed to be sure
PhaseMistress nailed that rich, warm, silky analog sound. We put
in tons of styles to emulate all the classics and do some things
those old boxes couldn't do, like MIDI sync, and a large preset
library. We think you'll agree, PhaseMistress has got it all.

Speed 4.1.1
Tempo and Pitch Control
Change the tempo of drum loops. Shift the key of a bass line.
SPEED is the utility that lets you take control of the tempo and
the pitch with three different modes to make it easy to get what
you need fast and without glitchy pitch artifacts.

Tremolator 4.1.1
Tremolo and Auto-Gate
Need tremolo? We got you covered. Tremolator emulates the tremolo
effect of classic guitar amps such as the Fender, and even the
great tremolo sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano. Add dynamic
control of speed and depth that lets the tremolo respond to the
music. Then toss in MIDI sync to lock to your tempo. Oh, yeah,
then there's our programmable Rhythm Editor that let's you write
custom patterns and turns this amazing tremolo into a outrageous
rhythmic auto-gate. Vintage guitar effect and modern remix tool
at your service.


Download File Size:116.52 MB

SoundToys Native Effects 4.1.1 AU VST RTAS for Mac Intel
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