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Parasoft WebKing 5.1 €25 buy download

Parasoft WebKing is a comprehensive Web testing product that
improves the functionality, security, performance, reliability,
accessibility, and presentation of a Web application. To verify
functionality, WebKing allows users to record critical user click
paths by following them in a browser, then it automatically
configures and executes functional/regression tests that verify
paths and page contents while ignoring insignificant differences.
To verify how the application handles realistic traffic levels,
patterns, and combinations, WebKing provides intelligent virtual
users and sophisticated ready-to-run load test scenarios. Users
can easily customize these initial tests to use different paths,
tools, traffic combinations, load distributions, and so on. To
verify that the application's front end is constructed properly,
WebKing's static analysis identifies client-side code that does
not comply with development rules known to prevent functionality,
security, presentation, and portability problems, pages that do
not comply with project/organizational branding, content, and
design rules, pages that do not comply with Section 508
accessibility rules, and pages with broken links and spelling
errors. For security verification, WebKing's security module
statically analyzes code to enforce the organization's security
policy from the client side, then performs penetration testing
to confirm that the policy has been implemented correctly and
operates properly on the server side.

WebKing improves Web application quality throughout the
software lifecycle and improves productivity across the entire
team. Developers can use it to verify each application unit
(servlet, JSP, etc.) as they write it, and QA team members can
use it to perform application-wide verification. Moreover,
WebKing works as part of a comprehensive team-wide Automated
Error Prevention solution that reduces delivery delays and
improves the quality and security of complex, multi-language
enterprise applications.

Download File Size:62.01 MB

Parasoft WebKing 5.1
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