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Zbrushworkshops Sculpting Clothing and Understanding Folds €15 buy download

Ryan Kingslien
This workshop focuses on how we can organize the complexity of drapery to create realistic clothing for our characters. We also explore some of the newer features in ZBrush for creating harder surface models with cleaner topology. We use the examples of sculpting jeans, a hoody, and pair of tennis shoes.
The tennis shoe section of this tutorial takes a detailed look at the new sculpting toolset in ZBrush for harder surface sculpts. One of the key features to this toolset is GroupsLoops which gives sculptors the ability to quickly build complex geometry without dealing with box modeling. We also look at creating custom brushes and adding the final details to our sculpt.
Chapter 1 & 2 : Drawing is Sculpting
Learn to draw over photoreference of real jeans to analyze the folds to find common shapes that will help us understand the form in future.
Chapter 3: Blocking in the Hips and Ankle Area
Establish the hip area of the jeans as well as the folds along the bottom of the jeans where they meet our feet.
Chapter 4: Analyzing the Knee Folds
Learn folds of the knee as well as a brand new workflow for blocking in wrinkles.
Chapter 5: Sculpting the Knee Folds
With the wrinkles blocked in its time to get sculpting. This chapter introduces a new tool, Smooth Directional, and shows us how it can help our sculpting.
Chapter 6: An Brief Overview of Stitching, Seams and HD Geometry
Using Photoshop we create custom brushes for clothing seams. Using HD we sculpt these details into our model.
Chapter 7: HD Geometry Extraction
See how to extract HD geometry into a displacement map to be converted into a normal map or used at render time.
Chapter 8: Hoody Block-in
Establish the base shape of the hoody and the main anchor points.
Chapter 9: Hoody Arm Folds
Establish the arm folds and the elastic cuff.
Chapter 10: Hoody Sculpting
Continues the sculpting of the hoody but veers into a quick sculptural approach that helps us establish the natural fall of the clothing.
Chapter 11: Hoody's Hood
Finish the hoody by sculpting the hood. This chapter breaks down the folds of the hood into distinct lines that we use to bridge the differences between our photoreference and our sculpt.
Chapter 12: Tennis Shoe Block in
Establish the basic shape of the shoe paying attention to its specific proportions.
Chapter 13: Patterns
Establish the patterns of the shoe using ZAppLink and Polypaint mode.
Chapter 14: Creating Polygroups
Create the polygroups that are essential for our next steps.
Chapter 15: GroupsLoops - The Key to Hard Surface Sculpting
Learn how to create Groupsloops, how it effects our topology and how to use them to create hard edges.
Chapter 16: The Layer Brush Alternative to GroupsLoops
Look at an old-school approach to creating the layers of fabric using the Layer brush. While this is a faster way to create the form is doesn't have the added advantage of organized topology.
Chapter 17: Sculpting that Lived in Look
Sculpt wrinkles and begin to give our shoe the life it will need to look like a realistic shoe.
Chapter 18: Custom Brushes
Seams and stitching are the last essential details that add tons of life to our sculpt and will really help sell them.
Chapter 19: ZSphere Laces
Using ZSpheres we quickly create shoe laces for our sculpt. While fairly straightforward this does involve a bit of a workflow to help us get results quickly.
Chapter 20: Sculpting the Sole
Final chapter looks at sculpting the soles of the shoe and adding those final details. In this section we also explore some advanced brush settings that help us get control over exactly where we sculpt.

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Zbrushworkshops Sculpting Clothing and Understanding Folds
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