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Blender foundation Humane Rigging €10 buy download

Blender foundation
Nathan Vegdahl
Humane Rigging is a new training DVD in the Blender Open Movie Workshop series.
With approximately 6 hours of information-packed video, Nathan's friendly and humorous style of teaching will provide viewers with a solid education in designing and building user-friendly rigs in Blender 2.6. The viewer will come away not with mere step-by-step knowledge of how to build specific rigs, but rather will gain a solid conceptual background in Blender rigging tools and how to exploit them to build and design their own rigs. Emphasis is placed on designing rigs that are friendly for animators.
Rig deformations are touched on enough to get by, but are not covered deeply. They will be covered in-depth in future training material. The focus of this DVD is rig controls.
DVD Contents:
All of the blend files, before and after rigging.
Philosophy of Rigging
Brief overview of Blender rigging tools
Chapter 1, 2D Bouncy Ball:
Axis locking
Parent-child relationships
Introduction to constraints
Introduction to drivers
Custom bone shapes
Chapter 2, Mr. Squeegee Feet:
Rigging in parts
Rigging for requirements
Inverse Kinematics
Control alignment
Organizing with armature layers
Simple IK legs
Simple feet
Eye balls
Root bone
Chapter 3, 3D Bouncy Ball:
3D rotation concepts
Axis-angle rotations
Euler rotations
Quaternion rotations
Drivers types
Custom bone shapes in false places
Constraint spaces
Chapter 4, Mr. Hotdog:
Action constraints
Advanced constraint usage
Advanced inverse kinematics
IK/FK switch
Switchable parent-child relationships
Isolating control rotation
Custom properties
Modifier basics
Armature deform basics
Advanced control alignment
Building your own custom bone shapes
Spine precursor
Eye ball improvements
IK/FK arm
Chapter 5, Mr. Biped:
Advanced spine rig
Head/neck rig
Foot roll
Palm curl
Improved finger rig
Bone groups / Control coloration
Chapter 6, Character Linking:
Library linking
Object groups
Blender proxy system
Setting up rigs to be used in multiple scenes

Download File Size:3.46 GB

Blender foundation Humane Rigging
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