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Impact Soundworks Plectra Series 1 8 string Acoustic Bouzouki 1.1 KONTAKT €15 buy download

Publisher: Impact Soundworks
Website: impactsoundworks.com/products/world/plectra-series-1-8-string-acoustic-bouzouki/
Format: NKI, WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

The first entry in our Plectra Series of picked, plucked and strummed stringed instruments! This exquisite instrument for KONTAKT 4 is a joy to play right out of the box. Featuring all important articulations, intelligent string switching, true legato playing, multiple mics and advanced scripting, this is the most deeply-sampled bouzouki library yet. A perfect tool for film, TV and game composers, as well as rock and pop producers looking to add a new unique tone to their tracks.

Designed, recorded and produced by Dimitris Plagiannis, our first entry into the Plectra Series of virtual instruments is a classic instrument of Greek music. Reminiscent of the European mandolin but with a deeper, richer tone, the bouzouki has its roots as one of the oldest musical instruments. No sample libraries existed that truly captured this beautiful instrument in great depth and detail, until now!
Our 8-string acoustic bouzouki has been thoroughly sampled and produced with all the love and care you would expect from a next-generation virtual instrument. Extensive, custom scripting by Dimitris has been created to simulate real playing as accurately as possible. From dynamic changes to up and down strokes, string selection, note speed, legato slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and more, every facet of bouzouki performance has been painstakingly recreated.
Of course, it would not be an Impact Soundworks library if it were hard to play, and the 8-string acoustic bouzouki is quite readily playable and intuitive as well. Despite the wealth of articulations, string selection options, settings and keyswitches, the user need only load the patch and start playing to immediately achieve an excellent sound. Performances can certainly be fine tuned and tweaked with these additional options, but they are not necessarily to create a very realistic and usable sound. In fact, after loading the library for the first time you may find yourself simply jamming away - it's that easy.
Stylistically, the bright strings and warm, resonant body enable this instrument to be used for lead, rhythm or harmony purposes. As a solo instrument, it's incredibly expressive and can cut through the mix easily. On the other hand, the sampled chords and softer dynamics can be used as accompaniment in any number of genres.
We hope that will enjoy Plectra Series 1: 8-string Acoustic Bouzouki and utilize in it everything from film and TV productions to pop, rock, jazz and everything in between!
Multiple dynamics and strokes
Intelligent scripted engine and interface
All 8 strings sampled
Hammer-on, pull-off and legato slides
Tremolo and pitchbends
Sampled chord strums
Easy to load and play!

Download File Size:1.79 GB

Impact Soundworks Plectra Series 1 8 string Acoustic Bouzouki 1.1 KONTAKT
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