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15 books by Wrath James White ePub eBooks €10 buy download

15 Books

Wrath James White currently lives in Las Vegas, but his career path has taken him from the streets of Philadelphia to the fighting rings of the Orient. His writing has been described as violent, erotic, blasphemous, and extreme - and that's his own description. His fans think he creates brilliant, honest, brutal commentary on politics, sex, and religion; the readers who don't get his writing usually end up shocked into a stunned silence before running to the bathroom. Either way, he always achieves his goal of eliciting a visceral reaction from his readers.
Genre: Horror

Yaccub's Curse: Malik is an enforcer for the most notorious drug dealer in G-town. But when he is ordered to kill a local crack whore and her newborn child he has a revelation that leads him into a desperate battle with a man who might be Satan himself. Caught in a struggle between good and evil, sanity and madness, redemption and damnation, the violence of the streets and the power of the occult, Malik must risk his life to save a newborn crack baby that he believes to be Jesus Christ. But is Malik a force good or were he and his employer both created millenniums ago by an evil geneticist for the same purpose, to ensure strife between the races.

Population Zero: When Todd was just a child, he learned that sometimes it was necessary to sterilize or euthanize animals in order to keep their population from growing too rapidly. It was the humane thing to do, the best thing for the environment. Yet, every day at his job at the Welfare Department, Todd sees the dregs of humanity multiplying unchecked, overburdening the earth with a tidal wave of humanity. But if he can convince them not to reproduce, if he can convince everyone to voluntarily sterilize themselves, then he might just prevent the coming population explosion. And those who can't be convinced… Population Zero is the story of an environmental activist named Todd Hammerstein who is on a mission to save the planet. In just 50 years the population of the planet is expected to double. But not if Todd can help it.

Pure Hate: "The Pine Street Slasher" murdered half a dozen young gay men in the mid-nineties. "The Chaperon" brutally mutilated young couples in their bes at the turn of the millennium. "The Family Man" destroyed entire families. None of these cases were ever solved. Now, Detectives James Bryant and Titus Baltimore have discovered all three series murderers are the same man. They know his name. They know where he lives. They even know who his next victim will be. They know everything about the killer… except how to stop him.

Sacrifice: Las Vegas Homicide Detective, John Malloy, hates the weird cases, the difficult ones, the kind that make the cover of tabloids, the kind that make or break careers. He’s had enough weird cases to last him a lifetime. So, when a man is murdered in Green Valley, eaten alive by his own dog along with half the pets in the neighborhood, he knows this is going to be a bad one. The next day, an elementary school teacher is beaten to death by his students while being stung by thousands of bees. Then an ex-football player/heavyweight prizefighter is reduced to blood and bones by a swarm of insects, rats, dogs, cats and angry children. All over town, little girls are going missing and turning up starved, dehydrated and nearly catatonic. Somehow, it’s all connected and it’s up to Malloy and his partner, Detective Mohammed Rafik, to figure out how, and how all these deaths and disappearances are connected to a mysterious voodoo priestess named Delilah with the power to take away all of your hatred … all of your fear … all of your pain.

400 Days of Oppression: Natasha has met the man of her dreams, and there is nothing she wouldn’t do to please him. Kenyatta has taught Natasha about herself, given her a sense of safety she has never felt before, and shown her a whole new world of sexual experiences. Now she must learn the hardest part of love: understanding. To help Natasha overcome her white-trash upbringing and understand African heritage, Kenyatta offers her a wager. A very real and dangerous wager, but one worth taking. Can Natasha’s love endure 400 Days of Oppression?

Like Porno for Psychos: From a world-ending orgy to home liposuction. From the hidden desires of politicians to a woman with a fetish for lions. This is a place where necrophilia, self-mutilation, and murder are all roads to love. Like Porno for Psychos collects the most extreme erotic horror from the celebrated hardcore horror master. Wrath James White is your guide through sex, death, and the darkest desires of the heart.

Scabs: A man haunted by the children that teased him when he was young destroys anyone who tries to love him. An OBGYN has a religious conversion that leads to an act of terrorism. A promiscuous man tries desperately to hold onto a woman. A former drug dealer runs from the demons of his past. The ghost of a former classmate visits the one boy who was kind to her when she was alive. The daughter of a mafia hit man uses her skills of persuasion to get a former lover to acknowledge his son. These are tales of pain and regret, revenge and redemption. Blending the emotional with the extreme, the perverse with the profound, the violent and visceral with the philosophical and the socio-political, these stories epitomize the controversial style that has made Wrath James White a genre favorite.

Sloppy Seconds: Who Wants Some of Wrath's Sloppy Seconds?
Who wouldn't? Each year at the World Horror Convention, the most anticipated event is the Gross-Out Contest, where authors stand up in front of everyone and deliver some of the most disturbing, gut-wrenching tales anyone has ever heard.

Vicious Romantic: Vicious Romantic is a collection of poems from one of the hardest of the hardcore horror authors. Using traditional Japanese and Korean formal poetic structures, this collection takes the very best elements of Wrath James White’s prose and condenses it into a medium that is both disturbing and thought-provoking.

—A wife murders her husband and buries him in the desert then visits everyday to lay roses on his grave. A love-sick man falls victim to a predator. A mother mourns the infant she abandoned in the garbage. Wendigos, zombies, serial killers, vampires, and even a serial killer murdering a vampire, Wrath James White takes traditional horror themes and gives them his own diabolical twist.

Voracious: Doctor Trevor Adams is a genius by all accounts. His ethics, however, leave a bit to be desired. When the Aphrodite Aesthetic Reconstruction Clinic hires him to create a genetic weight-loss treatment, Doctor Adams uses a synthetic retro virus to transport pygmy shrew DNA into clients willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to be able to eat whatever they want without gaining a pound. Pygmy Shrews have metabolisms so fast they don’t store fat cells and have to eat every two hours, twice their body-weight in food every day, or they will die. When they are hungry, they will attack and consume prey more than twice their size. They have fangs tipped with a red iron ore, saliva that contains a paralyzing neurotoxin, are the size of a quarter, and are considered to be some of the most vicious animals on earth. When Doctor Adams’s clients begin burning more calories than they can possibly consume, he is afraid he has made one terrible mistake.

—Succulent Prey 01 - Succulent Prey: Could serial killers be the victims of a communicable disease? Fifteen years ago Joseph Miles was attacked by a serial child murder. He was the only victim to survive. Now he himself is slowly turning into a killer. Can he be cured before he kills the woman he loves?
—Succulent Prey 02 - Prey Drive: In 2005, twenty year-old Joseph Miles went in search of a cure for a disease he was convinced was turning him into a monster. The result was a killing spree that left a string of dismembered and cannibalized bodies from San Francisco to Seattle. Eight years later, after being tried and sentenced to life in prison, Joseph is still searching for a cure. To do so, he must first escape from super maximum security prison where he has been involved in underground death matches sponsored by the prison guards and has been targeted by two of the prison's most dangerous inmates. Joseph enlists the aid of a lonely female guard with a history of inappropriate behavior with inmates, and a young model named Selene whom Joseph met in art class when he was still a psychology student. She has followed him obsessively over the years and will do anything to help Joseph escape. But could Selene be even more dangerous and twisted than Joseph Miles? Is she really trying to help him find a cure or does she have darker motivations?

Hero (with J F Gonzalez): Adelle Smith has lived her entire life for the betterment of mankind. A Civil Rights Activist in the Sixties and Seventies, she has spent most of her adult life attending marches, giving speeches, and lending a hand to anyone in need. But on the very evening she is to be acknowledged with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her humanitarian efforts, a stroke leaves her partially paralyzed and unable to speak. Now Adelle's in the care of a ruthless hospice nurse, who sees not a hero before her, but the cause of her many hardships growing up as a child of interracial parents, someone who decides to give Adelle her very own brand of "Physical Therapy" consisting of pain and suffering, mental cruelty and torture. And now, after a lifetime of helping others, Adelle needs help, quickly, before another round of brutal treatment snuffs out her life.

Orgy of Souls (with Maurice Broaddus): Twenty souls for his brother's life is a price that seductively beautiful Samson is willing to pay. Twenty souls drenched in blood, powdered with cocaine and more than one kind of ecstasy. A fair trade for the life of a brother. A fair trade for the life of a priest. And everyone he meets seems so willing to give theirs away. Samuel's faith often wavers. Diagnosed with HIV and in rapid decline, he hides his disillusionment in the rituals of the priesthood. But when Samson brings him the first blood-signed contract for a young woman's immortal soul, the steamy world of high fashion male models and the quiet decay of a sickly priest begin to writhe against the realities of life, death, and otherworldly power. Brotherly love is a deadly seduction, beauty a dangerous game. Come worship in the brutal temple of Orgy of Souls. Your faith will never be the same again.

Poisoning Eros Book I & II (with Monica J. O'Rourke): Sometimes life is unfair. Sometimes life just plain sucks. You do what you can to get by, but sometimes even that isn't enough. Meet Gloria, aging porno star, drug addict, failed wife and mother—seduced into a monstrous world of depraved sex and violent deceit, battling to save her immortal soul and that of her only daughter from Inferno … and you thought your life was hell.

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15 books by Wrath James White ePub eBooks
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